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Ten years ago, I took a jewelry making class and immediately fell in love with the craft.

Being the creative person that my mother is, I encouraged her to craft with me.  As we started

to design, we realized there were similarities in many of the pieces we liked and that good

style is timeless.


After giving many pieces to family and friends, we were encouraged to continue and launch

as a business.  From there…Chez Noël was born!

We felt our customer would be a person, much like who we are, whose fashion transcends generations.  She is a contemporary woman, who sees the world as challenging and exciting. She moves through life  to make a difference and her inspiration is reflected

in her style.  She can go from casual weekend wear to the most sophisticated elegance

and Chez Noël has jewelry pieces to facilitate every phase of her life.


Our line is gently handcrafted featuring semi-precious stones and various metals such as sterling silver and 14k gold-filled. It is our pledge to create pieces that complement your

style for any occasion.

© 2020 Chez Noël Jewelry

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